2011 Routes, Timetables, Instructions
Posted 11 May 2011

Archive: Here’s how the instructions looked for the 2011 Big Parade…2012 will be similar.

First, remember that the Big Parade is a walk with neighbors. No whip-cracking. We move slowly, have fun, and do fun things along the way. The route is easy to join, whether you want to come for a mile, an hour, or for the entire two days!

Second, refer to the timetables and route maps. They contain specific times, addresses, and other info on where we’ll be and how to meet us there.

Day One, Saturday, is
Day Two, Sunday, is
The ten mile, Friday, prologue is
Saturday’s Night’s Movie and Party, along with info on en-route music, is
Mass Transit info is

There are also bonus events, including a Friday prologue and a party on Saturday night. See the bottom of this page for details.

After you’ve looked at the timetables, here’s how to Join The Parade:

Each day is divided into a series of attached loops. The timetables describe the loops, and tell you where and when to join us. If return instructions are necessary, they’re included.

• Each day includes a main loop of about five miles. That’s the easiest and most convenient choice.

• FOLLOW LIVE: You can also join us by following our stairway-by-stairway progress on
Twitter. Real-time map updates will be available at www.bigparadela.com/twitter, even if you’re not a follower/group member. Just look for the posts marked #motionX. They link to our position on Google Maps, updated every five minutes.

Also, please read our Code of Civility.

What Each Day is like:

Day One is longer, with more stairways, and more culture-oriented. It departs 8AM at the bottom of the Angel’s Flight Railway/Stairway, in downtown Los Angeles, Hill Street between 3rd and 4th Streets. Day One includes a special kid’s loop.

Day Two is shorter, with some cross-country sections. It also includes more loops. It Departs 8AM at the bottom of the Music Box Stairs, Vendome at Del Monte, in Silverlake.

Both days will include surprise guests, live music, and lots of other fun stuff.


Friday, led by Bob Inman: Ten Miles in Northeast LA, leaving from the Metro Gold Line Southwest Museum Station at 10AM.

Join us at the Music Box Steps, Saturday, at 8PM for a showing of Laurel & Hardy’s Oscar-winning short, “The Music Box,” which was filmed at the staircase. You don’t need to be a Big Parade walker to see the movie/


SAFETY: The Big Parade is a big walk in a big city. It requires self-sufficiency. We walk together, at a pace that invites everyone. You're responsible for keeping up with our reasonable pace, for your health and safety, and your transportation to and from the route.

STAYING HEALTHY: It will likely be warm. You need to bring water and drink it. You need to wear a hat. You need to stop when your body tells you to stop. You need to bring a friend. These are requirements, not options. Read "How to Protect Yourself in the Sun," below.

HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF IN THE SUN: The most important thing for you to remember is that it is going to be hot. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Stay hydrated. There's water available at some places on the route, and not at others. Don't count on it. You need to bring at least 48 ounces of water for each hour you plan to walk (that's two Arrowhead sport bottles.)

  • Minimize your body temperature. DON’T WEAR DARK CLOTHING OR A DARK HAT. Light-colored garments will keep you cooler.

  • Wear a hat. A baseball cap is OK, but it will leave your neck exposed. A full brim is better.

  • Use sunscreen. Lots. Reapply frequently.

  • Bring snacks or lunch. We’ve got a few designated rest stops, but they’re short. You may not have the opportunity to purchase anything substantial. Bring what you need.

  • Have a buddy. If you get tired, feel sick, or otherwise feel like you can’t go on, you’ll need somebody to take care of you.

  • Soothe your feet. Wear shoes that you know are comfortable walking in. You might consider rubbing some lotion on your feet before you put your socks on; it can help avoid blisters.

AND ONE MOR TIME: THERE’S NO WHIP-CRACKING IN THE PARADE. Though we have a timetable to meet, we’ve set it up for a slow and easy pace. Endurance is required based on the time you want to spend with us, not the speed at which you walk.

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